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O Lugar do Ar

The place of the air

Bars of iron and bands of synthetic rubber
Different dimensions

Bars of iron are carried by rubber bands, defining a kind of “interdependent and unstable situation”, no matter if hanging on a wall or from the ceiling in a more spatial montage. In this last case, it forms a kind of labyrinth . The spatial dimension has its emphasis in the horizontal trajectory in the space while the temporal dimension is achieved through the expansion of the elastics in the verticality. The whole installation has only one center of gravity due to  the interdependence of all the pieces.  Gravity, the effect of this action, occurs according to the different elasticity of the bands, giving the installation a constant but almost imperceptible change of appearance.

Photo by Vicente Mello
E.S. Jørgensen(Gal. Opdahl)
Photo by Vicente de Mello, gal.A.S